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Don Stager

 I have worked in business and corporate planning for 25 years, and will leverage this private sector expertise to serve our city government.   Just as businesses learn from one another, business expertise can help government.   Educationally I have an MBA from Wash U St Louis,   and an engineering degree from the University of Notre Dame.     

I am a husband and have been married for 19 years.  We have a wonderful daughter in high school and an awesome 17-year-old border terrier who keeps on going.  I grew up in a small town; delivering newspapers, playing sports, working on a dairy farm in the summer, etc. 

I appreciate the community and support that small cities can provide.    I am the chairman of the membership committee at Northfield’s Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and a member of the Northfield Rotary Club and Northfield’s Masonic Lodge. 
The same dedication that has driven my career and my community involvement leads me to want to serve this awesome city of Northfield on its City Council, and I have the experience for this position.

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